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What Dry Eyes Could Mean

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Dry eyes, dry eye syndrome, or dry eye disease means that the eyes do not have enough tears to provide moisture for the eyes. Tears are composed of water needed for moisture, oils for lubrication, mucus to evenly spread moisture, and antibodies to protect the eyes from infections. Hence, tears provide comfort, moisture, lubrication, and protection for the eyes. This also means that the naturally healthy state of the eyes is for them to be wet. Read More»

Optic Neuritis: Why Did You Lose Vision In One Eye?

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If you currently experience vision loss and pain in one of your eyes, you may wonder if you’ll ever overcome your symptoms. Your symptoms may be due to optic neuritis, an inflammation or infection of the optic nerve. Although optic neuritis can be frightening, you can overcome it. Learn more about optic neuritis and its treatments below: What’s Optic Neuritis? Optic neuritis can develop when something inflames the optic nerve in your eye, such as a virus or an infection. Read More»