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Optic Neuritis: Why Did You Lose Vision In One Eye?

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If you currently experience vision loss and pain in one of your eyes, you may wonder if you’ll ever overcome your symptoms. Your symptoms may be due to optic neuritis, an inflammation or infection of the optic nerve. Although optic neuritis can be frightening, you can overcome it. Learn more about optic neuritis and its treatments below: What’s Optic Neuritis? Optic neuritis can develop when something inflames the optic nerve in your eye, such as a virus or an infection. Read More»

Keep Your Eyes Protected All Summer Long

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As summer gets closer, spending more time outside is likely on the agenda. Make sure your time spent outside this summer isn’t putting your eyes at risk. Here are a handful of tips to help you protect your eyes all season. Update Your Sunglasses Summer is a great time to update your sunglasses. Switch out the sunglasses you wore during the cooler months of the year for a pair of sunglasses with an over-sized or very large style frame. Read More»

Develop Your Child's Visual Acuity Through Play

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Play contributes to your child’s physical and cognitive development. As a parent, you can encourage your child to engage in play that helps your child develop necessary skills and abilities, and meet developmental milestones. Some games and types of play can help your child develop his or her visual acuity. Encouraging your child to engage in the following games and play with the toys listed below can help your child develop strong visual perception Read More»

The Differences Between Ocular And Retinal Migraines

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Although these terms are often used synonymously, ocular and retinal migraines are actually two different conditions. Both can manifest suddenly, and thus they can be quite frightening. Symptoms of both conditions can include a temporary partial or complete loss of vision and/or flashing, pulsating lights, or floating shapes in one or both eyes. A careful review of the symptoms of each of these types of migraines can help differentiate the two and indicate when there is a need to see a professional. Read More»

What Type Of Eye Doctor Do You Need To See?

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If you need new eyeglasses, are having eye pain, or need to get an exam, you will be seeing different types of eye doctors. Knowing what type of eye doctor or specialist to see is where it gets a little tricky. Here is information about ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians, including what services they offer. It will help you determine what eye specialist you should schedule an appointment with. When to See an Ophthalmologist Read More»