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Keep Your Eyes Protected All Summer Long

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As summer gets closer, spending more time outside is likely on the agenda. Make sure your time spent outside this summer isn't putting your eyes at risk. Here are a handful of tips to help you protect your eyes all season.

Update Your Sunglasses

Summer is a great time to update your sunglasses. Switch out the sunglasses you wore during the cooler months of the year for a pair of sunglasses with an over-sized or very large style frame.

Larger frames offer greater protection by ensuring your entire eye area is covered, which is important considering the more time you will likely be spending outside in the warmer weather. If you aren't into the large frame style, at least choose a pair of sunglasses that have a wraparound lens style and most importantly, only choose options with 100% UV protection.

Ensure Water Protection

If you plan to spend some time in the water this summer, that is an important consideration, too. Make certain you're protecting your eyes whether at the beach or at the backyard pool. When swimming in natural bodies of water, bacteria can be a real concern. When swimming in a swimming pool, the chemicals in the water can be irritating to your eyes. Always wear goggles.

The intense reflection of the sun off the water can increase your UV exposure so ensure the goggles have built-in UV protection. If you wear contact lenses, always remove them before getting in the water to prevent a collection of microorganisms and bacteria within the lenses which can increase the risk of an eye infection.

Don't Forget Head Gear

If you plan to spend an extended length of time outside during the summer months, don't forget your head gear. A great pair of sunglasses are excellent for protection, but when you pair them with a brimmed hat, this intensifies your protection level by adding an additional barrier between your eyes and the sun.

For the best results, look for a hat that has at least a three-inch brim to help block out the sun. When wearing a hat, even if you decide to take off your glasses for a while, you will know that you're still protected.

It's great to get outside and enjoy the warmth of summer, but it's more important to do so while also keeping your eyes safe. Make certain you keep eye protection a priority all year long. For more tips, schedule a consultation with a local optometrist.